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Root Chakra Coconut Soy Candle


  • Notes of cedarwood and amber
  • A hint of Gold Mica is mixed in the wax to add sparkle and elegance

The Root Chakra candle (Muladhara – RIGHT TO HAVE) is great to use during your yoga or meditation practice. As a result, it will help to focus on first chakra themes such as grounding and stability.

Mantra to try while using this candle: “I am strong, supported, and abundant.”

The Root Chakra is bright red and is located at the base of your spine. It is connected to the earth and associated with everything that is necessary for survival: finances, food, shelter, self-defense, and nurturing relationships.

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  • 4oz jars burn 24+ hours
  • 6oz tins burn 35+ hours
  • 10oz jars burn 65+ hours
  • Clean burning, biodegradable and natural
  • Vegan and non-toxic
  • The wax used is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free, phthalate free and comes from renewable sources.
  • Eco-friendly, clean-burning, X-shaped wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood in the USA.
  • The wooden wick gives the candle a more natural vibe with flickering and crackling sounds when lit!
  • The jar made from blown glass is a straight-sided tumbler that fits any home decor style.
  • The tin is not pure white - it is a lavender white which gives it a similar look of a pearl.

Repurposing Ideas: to hold bathroom items (cotton balls, q-tips, bobby pins, etc), office items (pens, pencils, paper clips, tacks, etc), beautiful succulents or create your very own terrariums! The possibilities are endless!

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10oz Jar, 4oz Jar, 6oz Tin


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