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High Fives for finding your way to my little space of the interweb. 🙌🏻

My name is Alyssa and it has become my passion to work with women who are striving to better themselves, their family, and their community through their own passions.

High Fives + Good Vibes was created after years of trying to find my place. I always tried to keep business and family life separate and it held me back from a lot of things AND gave me tons of stress! I have come to realize that all the inspiration, kindness, and “look on the brightside” attitude is not something I just want to inspire in other female business owners – but women in general, MOTHERS even.

So I decided to bring my kids aboard this journey with me in creating High Fives + Good Vibes for the whole family. Not only will I continue teaching fellow female entrepreneurs how to navigate branding, social media, and websites; but more than that, I want to help mothers connect with their kids through astrology, being creative together, and simply finding the joy in each and every day. 

It is not always easy – that is for sure. So being able to speak our frustrations and insecurities is certainly not shied away from either. 

Welcome to our journey and I hope you can be inspired to make positive changes on your own journey to finding your place in the world.




It’s time to get Sociable! If you are a female business owner – or looking to get started on a business idea – then I am you gal to help you get branded, find your way on social media, and get that online home for your biz (aka your website) finally up and running. 



I have been fascinated with astrology seemingly since I could read. I loved getting horoscopes at the checkout counter on shopping trips and, thankfully, my mother encouraged all my woo woo interests. I am diving deeper into how astrology affects family dynamics and it has been MIND BLOWING!




All my creative energy needs to go somewhere! I had a hard time trying to figure out what I SHOULD be doing. Well with my HF+GV Shop, I am unapologetically putting all things hand made, hand-poured, and hand-designed on goodies to share with the world. Peruse and enjoy!