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This blog post was originally posted on LINKEDIN (!) you can see the original post here. It is still relevant to my current experience and felt important to continue to share the message. 

“I have been telling more and more people I meet this: Recognize and appreciate the unique place you are in at this moment.

For me, it is hard being at home with kids and trying to build a business at the same time. There are literally (okay, maybe not literally, but probably) a million things on my todo list and trying to juggle it all is nerve racking. BUT with this crazy time, I also have the freedom to experiment in my business and do whatever I want with the kids – because my ‘breadwinner’ has allowed me to do so. Not many can say that. With this freedom, I can not and will not let this precious time slip past me. I am certainly not one to let my breadwinner go to work each day so I can just watch tv and sit on the couch – although I do do that sometimes – it is with my computer on lap doing research, designing, engaging, and building a business to help support our awesome family. It has been slow and it has been frustrating, but we are on the up and up. I am on track to double my income from last year. That is a lot for someone who didn’t have their website up for a whole year, went through a Master degree program, kept busy with my local Women’s Club (shout out to GFWC Hollidaysburg Area Women’s Club :)) and, as I said previously, a million other things.

So Kudos to all the men working hard for their partners to be at home with the kids and/or allowing their partners to go after their dreams. And vice verse. 🙂

Highly suggest reading the full article and accompanying video. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/08/30/letter-to-my-breadwinner-husband.html